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Do you have an old, patchy yard that is half green and brown ?

Why not try Artificial Grass to remedy that predicament?

Quit letting all your friends and neighbors give you a hard time about the bumpy ground someone rolls an ankle on every time you have a Saturday night BBQ.

Call the pros here in town and have us come out to give you a free estimate on replacing your lawn or installing a new backyard relaxation spot so cozy, you’ll want to sleep on it.

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Artificial grass is a subject that has been getting a lot of attention in the landscaping world recently. It is exactly what it seems to be, too. It’s synthetic grass. People in sun-kissed Brunswick, Georgia are starting to notice the wonders of artificial turf. People elsewhere are as well. If you’re interested in incredible grass options for our outdoor space, then our company can help you explore them all. We’re turf experts who genuinely care.

Why exactly should you consider installing synthetic turf in your property? Grass that’s synthetic can be favorable for a wealth of reasons. Artificial turf, first of all, can be convenient for people who are sick and tired of having to handle complex and time-consuming lawn upkeep requirements. If you’ve had it with time-consuming maintenance duties, then you should look into synthetic options as soon as possible. Artificial grass doesn’t develop diseases. It doesn’t experience pest infestations. Weeds don’t ruin synthetic grass. If you get it, then you can forget all about heaps of mud that are unsightly and disgusting.

Synthetic grass can help your bank account, believe it or not. Artificial turf doesn’t require the use of pesticides or fertilizers of any kind. It doesn’t require any watering sessions. That’s how it can help people save significant sums of money with the passing of time. “Real” grass needs pesticides and fertilizers that can often be pretty costly.

If you’re interested in kid-friendly grass options, then you should research artificial turf without any delay. Turf that isn’t real has no need for pesticides, fertilizers, weed preventers and weed killers. It has no need for all sorts of chemicals that can potentially be detrimental to children. Parents don’t have to worry any time their children play around on synthetic grass.

Artificial Grass Contractors in Brunswick GA
Synthetic Turf Installation in Brunswick
Artificial Grass Installation Service in Brunswick Georgia

Lawn mowing is a maintenance task that can feel like a true hassle. Thankfully, you never have to mow turf that’s synthetic. Since you don’t have to mow it, you can spare yourself a lot of time squandering. You can safeguard your body from a significant degree of exhaustion as well. It isn’t uncommon for people to injure themselves while mowing their lawns. If you’re serious about protecting yourself from lower backaches, neck pains, stiffness and anything else along those lines, then you should think about requesting the installation of artificial grass. Grass that’s synthetic isn’t unable to grow. If you can eliminate your lawn mowing burden, you can set aside more time for things that you actually do enjoy.

Grass that’s synthetic also looks amazing. If you want your outdoor space in Brunswick, GA to look like a million dollars, then investing in grass that’s artificial may be your greatest bet. This kind of grass can tolerate cold and hot temperatures alike. It can remain bright and green for ages. It looks a lot like turf that’s “authentic,” too. If you don’t want to have to bother with thoughts of your lawn starting to look a bit drab and dull, then you should try your hand at the synthetic path. Artificial grass is also remarkably tough. It can manage foot traffic and the sun’s intense ultraviolet rays without issue. Since its fibers are especially powerful, they’re not at all vulnerable to ultraviolet ray destruction.

Grass that’s not “the real deal” can also be wonderful for the environment. What stops this type of grass from potentially harming the planet? This grass can conserve a substantial amount of water. “Real” lawns consume roughly 55 gallons of water each year. Artificial one can help decrease levels of pollution in the air. Lawn mowers that are powered on gasoline are capable of giving off a substantial degree of pollution. Grass that’s synthetic can even decrease the presence of ground pollution that’s the result of consistent pesticide and fertilizer use.

Residential & Commercial Synthetic Grass Installation Contractors

Grass that’s artificial can be ideal for all kinds of applications in and around the cities of Georgia. If you’re searching for grass choices that can be fitting for your cute pet’s outdoor running and exercising sessions, you should check out the artificial sector A.S.A.P. If you’re waiting for grass choices that can be ideal for all kinds of lawns, then you should check it out, too. Turf that’s synthetic can look incredible in the midst of outdoor spaces that are formal and sophisticated in feel. Turf that’s synthetic can look just as memorable in the midst of outdoor spaces that appear laid-back and low-key. When you need artificial grass, locals can depend on for diverse applications, we can advise you. If you’re trying to purchase artificial turf around the area, townspeople can wax poetic about, we can point you in the appropriate direction. We make securing synthetic grass residents can love easy as pie.

Front Yard Artificial Lawn in Georgia
Soccer Field Artificial Grass in Brunswick

New Lawns, Putting Greens, Backyard Spaces, Pet Runs & More…

Looking to replace your lawn with artificial grass or synthetic turf that makes maintenance a breeze? No more mowing, just eco-friendly, water saving, lush, ever-green landscape for you to enjoy. We specialize in both residential and commercial synthetic grass installation. Even if you need something safe for your pets, we have options. From custom outdoor spaces to artificial putting greens, we can add some spunk to your home in Brunswick.

Our artificial turfs can benefit you in many ways:
Easy Maintenance​

Easy Maintenance​

Save Your Bills

Save Your Bills

Time Effecient

Time Effecient

Pet-friendly Turf

Pet-friendly Turf



Your Professional and Affordable Synthetic Turf Installation Experts

Go Green with Fake Grass and Save Money!

Are you trying to find a company in or near Brunswick that can talk to you at length about the marvels of synthetic grass? Are you searching for turf wizards who can tell you everything about synthetic grass upkeep and more? We’re an established company that concentrates on all things that involve the turf sector. When you need synthetic turf residents can believe in fully, you need our expertise. We can answer any turf questions that may be on your mind. We can give you turf advice that can safeguard you from exasperating lawn diseases, pest invasions, mud accumulation and more, too.

Our contractors can give you the convenience of artificial grass installation that’s updated, contemporary and advanced. They can give you turf service that’s quite simply in a league of its own. Fake grass can transform your outdoor space in many pertinent ways. Artificial turf can minimize your upkeep expenses and help your weekly schedule. Call our welcoming team members for more details about our grass specialties in Brunswick GA. Call Brunswick Artificial Grass Company for a free estimate now.

In addition to Brunswick, Saint Simons Island, and Jekyll Island, we proudly serve the following neighborhoods: Glynco, Glynn Haven, Waynesville and Azalea Gardens.